Finger millet (Eleusine coracana) plays a vital role of providing quality nutrition to human race.The protein of ragi is considered to be “Biologically complete”. One of the striking features that high quality of the grain is associated with the white seed coat colour. Beyond this, white seed coat colour has a major advantage of high palatability, low fibre and low tannins and can be utilised for producing wide range of products compared to brown grain types.

This database consist of nearly 554 accessions. It contains the quantitative data of ragi. There are about 13 quantitative characters.The variation between the accessions for each character is represened in the form of variation graph.

The database is designed by Genomics and Proteomics Lab, in the Centre for Plant Molecular Biology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,Coimbatore, India. The seeds will be maintained at , Department of plant breeding and genetics, Tamil nadu agricultural university, coimbatore. This database has been updated frequently.