Barcoding of Cucumis

Barcoding of Cucumis is used to identify sequence diversity in standardized gene regions to aid species identification and discovery in Melon or Cucumber species.

Phenotype of Melon

Phenotype of Melon which contains particulars of both Quantitative and Qualitative Traits information of 35 Cucumis melo accessions/varieties.

ISSR Primer

ISSR Primer contains details of 13 Cucumis genotypes primer informations.

Difference between Melon and Cucumber

Difference between Melon and Cucumber provides the information about the Phenotypic and Genotypic Levels in Melon and Cucumber varieties.Phenotypic difference of Melon and Cucumber provides both Qualitative and Quantitative Trait informations.Genotypic difference provides differences in sequences of Melon and Cucumber species.