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Mango , Mangifera indica is an one of the most celebrated of tropical fruits, is a member of the family Anacardiaceae.

This Database holds information such as Morphological traits and Fruit quality traits.

This information will be useful to get an basic knowledge about various mango varieties and also about the TSS, Reducing and Non Reducing Sugar, Carotenoids.

This Database provides search options to search based on Morhological Characters and Fruit Quality Characters. We can also search by the location of Mango Variety

Varieties In TamilNadu

In India, about 30 cultivars are being grown commercially. Majority of them have narrow adaptability and show ecogeographical preferences for growth and yield.

The important varieties grown in TamilNadu are as follows.

  • Alphonso
  • Bangalora
  • Kalepad
  • Himayuddin
  • Sendura
  • Mulgoa
  • Neelum
  • Rumani
  • Banganapalli
  • Swarnarekha