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The Vigna mungo commonly called as black gram which have Tamil vernacular name of Ulunthu is commonly used by the farmers of TamilNadu. The traders and consumers are using the words ulutham paruppu.The database name is derived from the Ulutham paruppu by taking his first name Ulutham and from the word Database by taking his second name Base , named as Ulutham Base . Discription and various phenotypic traits are included in database, hence the name given as Ulutham base.

Urdbean(Vigna mungo (L) Hepper) preserved in the National Pulses Research Center,Vamban,Pudukottai,TamilNadu for TamilNadu Agricultural University,Coimbatore. It consists of particulars about Variety Name, Morphological traits etc. This database will be useful for the Urdbean researchers working on a wide range of plant sciences as well as Plant breeders in the world.

The database is designed by Genomics and Proteomics Lab, in the Centre for Plant Molecular Biology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,Coimbatore, India. This database has been updated frequently.