A wide range of morphological diversity was noticed for seven quantitative and twenty qualitative traits in the rice varieties released from TRRI, Aduthurai. The duration of the varieties ranged from 90 (ADT 30) to 220 (ADT 6) days.


The genetic diversity was also assessed using a set of twenty five SSR primers which generated seventy two polymorphic alleles. The polymorphism information content (PIC) values ranged between 0.382 (RM 420) and 0.711 (RM 4955).


The TNAU rice proteomics is a collection of 2D gels obtained from experiments conducted at the proteomics lab of CPMB, TNAU. The current release contains three 2D gel images obtained from the rice variety N 22 (Najina 22), one from the wild type, N 22 and other two from the mutants namely N22-12-1 and N22-241-5-6-1. Each of the 2D gels contains 28 differently expressed spots.
Micro Array

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